Nia Trainers Vickie Saito and Allison Wright Set to Teach March Workshop

A_V Name & Yoga SSStudio Sway is honored to welcome Nia trainers Vickie Saito and Allison Wright for two compelling events on Sunday, March 30.
First, join the duo for a fun and dynamic class during which they will teach “Touch,” one of Nia’s 2012 official routine releases they co-created. A powerful blend of music that fuses together Indian mantras, thick beats, and vocal harmonies, we found ourselves completely enthralled in the soundscape of this routine, creating choreography that offers new movement skills, creative expression, and deep healing. Between Bollywood hand mudras, smooth and sensory Tai-Chi katas, to energizing kick combinations, Touch inspires the dancer in you to awaken to sensation as you dance the joy of Nia!
When: Sunday, March 30, noon–1:15 p.m.
Cost: $15 drop-in
Then, spend the afternoon at a workshop exploring martial, dance, and healing arts at the workshop “Discover Nia’s 9 Movement Forms – A Movement Fusion for EveryBody.” Go to the roots to discover the nine movement disciplines that created Nia! From Tai Chi to Jazz Dance, Feldenkrais to Yoga, Aikido to Modern Dance, and Tae Kwon Do to Duncan Dance and The Alexander Technique, discover how this fusion of organic precision, emotional expression and functional movement can enhance your entire being. Using guided movement exercises, you’ll explore each form in isolation and integration, getting a sensory-feel for each. Discover your “movement personality” and find the movement form(s) that will bring balance to your Nia practice and life. You will dance, sweat, and most of all, have fun! No prior Nia experience is required.
When: Sunday, March 30, 2–5 p.m.
Cost: $35 early bird, $40 door
Combo Price: $45 early bird for both
Email Ashley at to take advantage of early-bird pricing.
Vickie Headshot 2013About the Teachers:
Vickie Saito
Vickie is a Black Belt Nia Teacher, White Belt Trainer, and yoga teacher whose purpose is to inspire through movement. With over 24 years of experience in the movement arts, Vickie brings somatic skill and playful self-discovery to every Nia class, training, and retreat she leads. A key leader in adapting Nia and yoga for teens,Vickie specializes in teaching high-schoolers through the West Linn/Wilsonville Wellness Program.

Students of all ages love her compassionate, grounded style of teaching blended with her effortless ability to make a personal connection with each individual. As Vickie says, “I believe that when we live in harmony with our true nature, we naturally increase our vitality.” As a teacher, she aims to create an environment where students cultivate deep connections within themselves to find more aliveness, joy, and meaning.

When she’s not teaching Nia classes and trainings, you’ll find her upside-down in handstand, galavanting up Wind Mountain with her two awesome kids and golden retrievers, and splitting her literary indulgences between meditation books and some action-packed, pre-teen series.

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Al Headshot FULLAllison Wright
Like a true Leo, Nia Trainer Allison Wright brings a fiery and fun spirit to every class she teaches. Allison has a degree in holistic psychology, and also studied music and neuroscience. She worked at Harvard’s Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine, presented at Ohio State University’s Talbot Hall Addiction Medicine Clinic, and spent three years as an arts coordinator for an independent elementary school in Cambridge, MA.

As Allison explains, “Nia wasn’t a decision; it was a calling.” Those who have trained with her know her as a master storyteller, rockstar musician, and truly gifted teacher. Allison shows you how to hear music with your whole body. Her fun yet relaxed approach to the Nia training experience invites you to awaken through sensing; to become more self-aware in body, mind, emotions and spirit as you dance through life.

When she’s not teaching classes and leading Nia trainings, you’ll find Allison trekking through the Columbia River Gorge, writing in coffee shops, or at home, recycling and transforming coffee sleeves into magnificent artistic creatures for her art-education business, Accidental Art Project.

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